Alysse Lembo-Buzzelli

Alysse completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, concentrating in Environmental Conservation. During her time at UCONN, she worked with the Office of Environmental Policy on projects such as recycling, food waste reduction, and achieving campus-wide carbon neutrality. She was also the President of the student environmental organization (EcoHusky) that focused on student outreach, education, and awareness of environmental issues.

Alysse also holds an MS in Sustainable Design from the University of Florida, concentrating in holistic sustainability approaches for buildings & communities.

Alysse joined the Connecticut Green Bank’s Financing Programs team in 2014. She works primarily on the C-PACE program, concentrating on project management, and supporting & educating contractors/project developers on how using C-PACE financing can help create new opportunities and grow their business. Prior to joining the Green Bank, Alysse was the Residential Sales Manager for a Connecticut-based solar PV installation company helping to educate homeowners on the environmental and financial benefits of going solar.

In her free time, Alysse enjoys hiking, yoga, gardening, good music, and good beer. She loves animals of all kinds- especially her dogs.