Announcing BuildGreenCT


Published December 14, 2023

Connecticut’s Unified Force for Sustainable Transformation of the Built Environment

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable building practices, we are thrilled to announce BuildGreenCT – the joined forces of the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC), Connecticut Passive House (CTPH), and Living Future Connecticut. This unification signifies a pivotal moment in these organizations’ journey, building on their strong history of collaboration, the unique strengths of each organization, and the collective aspirations to meet this all-hands-on-deck moment. As one organization, we will be a force for a more resilient, healthy, equitable, and sustainable built environment.

“It is so exciting to finally announce the merger of our organizations. I look forward to having a stronger voice on sustainability and green buildings here in Connecticut after the merger.” ​​

Ross Spiegel, FAIA, FCSI, CCS, LEED AP BD+C, The S/L/A/M Collaborative, CTGBC Board Chair Emeritus, Governance Committee Chair, CTGBC Member (2004)

Our New Identity

Founded in 2001, BuildGreenCT (formerly known as CTGBC) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit member-driven organization. The decision to rebrand stems from a desire to reflect the organization’s evolution, embracing multiple green building/high-performance standards, and the unification of the green building and sustainability community in Connecticut with a common mission.

Our new brand name reflects who we are and our aspirations for Connecticut.

Educate – Advocate – Empower – Thrive

Describe Our Work & Our Desired Outcomes

Strength in Unity: Building a Sustainable Community

By joining together, we will be stronger and more effective in engaging a diverse range of stakeholders. This collaboration allows for the pooling of resources and a broader base of expertise on crucial topics such as energy efficiency, building science, climate impacts, building codes, and policy.

BuildGreenCT offers multiple options for people to engage with our organization as a whole and/or through communities based on green building standards and different areas of emphasis related to our mission. Presently, there are six communities: CT Passive House, Connecticut LEED, Living Future CT, Green Homes, and Advocacy & Equity. We look forward to the creation of others.

“This merger and new brand identity reflect our shared passion, commitment, and aspirations to promote sustainability and green building at this all-hands-on-deck moment. By coming together as a unified organization, we will amplify the impact of our programming and advocacy to our members, sponsors, partners, and the community at large.”

Alicia Dolce, Executive Director of BuildGreenCT (formerly CTGBC), Co-Founder of Connecticut Passive House (CTPH)

BuildGreenCT’s Mission & Vision

“Existing and new buildings have enormous impacts on human and environmental health; reducing these impacts is crucial to the future of our state economy and its resident’s well-being. Energy use in buildings is responsible for nearly half of Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution from burning fuels in Connecticut buildings cost $3.567 billion in health impact costs in 2017.”

Kai Starn, LEED, Certified Passive House, Fitwel Consultant, Steven Winter Associates, CTGBC Board Chair

BuildGreenCT’s core mission is to accelerate the just and sustainable transformation of the built environment through education, advocacy, and community building.

Our focus is on raising awareness, spreading and deepening knowledge, and advocating for responsible and equitable practices in building and legislation.

Our vision is a healthy, resilient, equitable built environment that supports the ability for people, communities, and the planet to thrive.

Who Does BuildGreenCT Serve?

We are a statewide organization open to anyone with an interest in energy-efficient, healthy, sustainable buildings and places. Our community, including those who choose to become a member, is diverse, ranging from novices to experts, with a shared passion for green building and sustainability. Our inclusive approach welcomes professionals, practitioners, nonprofits/government, and enthusiasts alike.

“My favorite aspect of our green building community is the camaraderie – the enthusiasm from peers for both inspiration and support. I am excited and inspired by this unification and am dedicated to seeing it through to become the industry driver I know it can be – we can all succeed together.”

Sara Dodson Holmes, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Certified Passive House Designer, Architect at Wyeth Architects, Co-founder & Secretary of Connecticut Passive House (CTPH)

Our Strategic Partnership with USGBC

As BuildGreenCT, we will remain an active and aligned chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), maintaining organizational independence while closely collaborating with the national headquarters and other USGBC chapters on green building and sustainable development.

How to Connect with BuildGreenCT

To stay updated on programming, events, advocacy work, news, and opportunities, sign up for our BuildGreenCT newsletter; and follow and engage with us on our social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Join us at educational and networking programs throughout the year which include virtual and in-person events.

Financial Support: A Collective Effort

BuildGreenCT’s initiatives are made possible through the generous support of sponsors, organizational partners, individual members, foundations, grantors, and donors. Learn more here.

Membership Options & Corporate Support: Joining the Sustainable Movement

Individuals and companies can become part of our membership community and enjoy membership-only benefits. Existing members of CTGBC or CTPH can seamlessly transition, with clear information provided on expiration dates and auto-renewals. Companies looking to support BuildGreenCT have options ranging from company memberships to annual sponsorships or event-specific sponsorships.

Supporting Our Cause: Tax-Deductible Donations Welcome!

For those passionate about our cause, BuildGreenCT accepts tax-deductible donations. Individuals, organizations, and companies can contribute to our continued efforts through our dedicated donation page.

Our New Chapter Begins

The transformation into BuildGreenCT marks a new chapter for Connecticut’s Green Building Communities, reflecting a commitment to collective action and sustainable development. Through unity, collaboration, and a clear vision for the future, BuildGreenCT is poised to make a lasting impact on the built environment, paving the way for a healthier, more resilient, and equitable world.