Green Homes


The mission of Green Homes is to encourage the adoption in Connecticut of green building practices for both new construction and existing homes. From Energy Star to Net Zero homes. We are a community of sustainable building professionals pursuing our mission via a variety of outreach and educational initiatives.

We love all high performance homes.

The Green Homes is agnostic when it comes to green building standards.  We love , ILFI, Passive House, and LEED; we love Energy star and Net zero homes, too!

We are a diverse group from real estate agents, to builders, to architects. Everyone is welcome.

Different topics are featured every month. One month we could be talking about latest in home energy storage options and the next month looking at different types of insulation.  Last year there was a lot of information about Tesla solar shingles and even a tour on site with the installer!

The group meets virtually on the 2nd Thursday of the month (usually 9:30AM).  Please join us!

Join our Community to connect with other enthusiasts and get the latest news.

Community Leader

Andrew Baumer

Sustainability Consultant