NESSBE 2023: Teamwork Makes the Therm Work! Scaling District Geothermal Through Coalitions

November 17, 2023

What does a pipe fitter have to do with a nonprofit? What does a turnkey solution provider have to do
with a utility? The answer is EVERYTHING. Networked geothermal provides a significant opportunity to
heat and cool buildings with affordable, efficient, safe, and clean technology, and the roll out of new IRA
tax credits, state incentives and pilot opportunities presents huge potential to scale. This session will
explore coalition strategies, community engagement, and more for ensuring the best chances of
successful adoption of district geothermal technology.


  • Consider a wide range of new potential partners for advancing district geothermal
  • Learn new strategies for working with and serving disadvantaged communities
  • Learn about possible thermal energy network components beyond groundsource heat pumps
  • Identify key opportunities and barriers to scaling district geothermal