Philippe Campus

Philippe Campus has a Diploma of Architect from the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture (Belgium) and a Master’s in Environmental Design from the Yale University School of Architecture. His lifelong interest in renewable energy started in the early ‘80s when he designed several passive solar houses. He opened his office in 1986 and designed his first geothermal / Near Net Zero home in 2005.

In 2010, Philippe Campus trained as a Passivehouse Consultant (PHIUS; US), becoming a certified CPHC in 2011, and then became a Certified Passivehouse Designer (PHI; Darmstad, Germany), the following year; he has since designed five Net-Zero Energy Passivehouses and one Net-Zero Energy remodeling. His third Passivehouse was certified by PHI in 2018 and is listed on the International Passivehouse database.

Philippe has also taught and lectured on renewables and Passivehouses at AIA/CT and other associations, even at a local high school. He chaired the AIA/CT Education Commission, then the AIA/CT Committee on the Environment for several years; he was also chair of the Design Review Committee for the Town of Guilford, CT. Philippe Campus helped found Connecticut Passive House and joined its Board in 2018. Philippe is currently at work on a 2nd Net-Zero remodeling.