Sponsors are our Lead Supporters

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on sponsors to be the lead supporters of our mission and vision for a healthy, resilient, and equitable built environment that supports the ability for people, communities, and our planet to thrive.

Annual Sponsorship

Our Essential Partners in the Green Building Marketplace

Our annual sponsors are essential partners in the green building marketplace, playing a key role to transform the built environment.

  • Our community of practitioners and professionals are seeking product, technology, and service-provider solutions.
  • Shining a spotlight on companies who offer technologies, products, or services that promote sustainable and high-performance design, construction, and operation helps fuel the growth of the green building economy in our state.

Become a Sponsor Partner and Demonstrate:

  • Your prominence as a key stakeholder in Connecticut’s green building marketplace.
  • Your commitment to building awareness and knowledge of energy-efficient, green building practices and high-performance building solutions.
  • Your support of policies that have the potential to scale up the transformation of Connecticut’s built environment for all.
  • Your strong alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of our educational programs is a great opportunity to increase your visibility among BuildGreenCT members and the broader community who attend our events:

  • Building tours, case studies, and focused subject-matter topics are popular choices for companies with a connection to a project or a specific subject matter related to sustainability, high-performance design, construction, etc.
  • Events that focus on health, housing, or energy and environmental justice are well-suited for stakeholders who operate in this space and/or companies seeking to support ESG principles. 

Benefits of event sponsorships can include:

  • Opportunity to provide opening remarks about your service, product, technology, or program at the beginning of the event/ presentation.
  • Your logo in all of the event marketing materials: newsletter (thousands of subscribers), website, and social media

Annual Sponsors

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